Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tourists in town

We finally had a chance to walk around the town of Kigali yesterday! They call it the land of a thousand hills, and that's an understatement.  This really is a great town - absolutely beautiful hills, juxtaposed with an extremely bustling market and crowds of people.

The city is very well kept and clean, with perfectly manicured shrubs around the major streets and hardly any garbage on the ground.

We also were fortunate yesterday to meet up with Anny, an extremely successful female entrepreneur who started an educational tourism company, and has a great relationship with Ivey. She introduced us to her colleagues and we had a lovely breakfast together.

In the evening, we were hosted at Dr. Murty's house for dinner. His wife is visiting from India, so we had a very traditional Indian meal. The food was delicious, and it opened up our sinuses with the spices! The evening itself was just like I've seen in the movies: extremely traditional in terms of the table topics, mannerisms, ways which foods were served, roles of each family member, etc. so it was definitely an experience!

Overall, it was another wonderful day. I'm very grateful for everyone's generous hospitality, and to be visiting such an incredible place - every day we're experiencing new things! Lots of smiles all around. :)

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