Friday, May 17, 2013

Playing doctor...

Every time I finish teaching a class, I am absolutely elated. Today was no different, and I am so happy with how the class progressed! It was a case called Rwandan Backpackers, examining the financing and marketing options a couple of young entrepreneurs were facing last year when they were looking at entering the low-cost backpacking industry in Rwanda. I was excited to teach this case as the students are all obviously very familiar with the environment and understand the status of tourism in Rwanda, and there was a high possibility that one of the entrepreneurs would actually join us for the latter part of the class to answer students' questions! Thank goodness I was keeping that as a surprise, as the entrepreneur did not end up showing up. Nevertheless, the class went smoothly, and the second hour was very lively, with groups debating their viewpoints and recommendations for the various financing and marketing options.

There are so many things I love about the teaching portion of this experience. I love having the students raise their hands excitedly to contribute to the discussion, I love seeing the reactions on other students' faces which prove that they are engaged and actively listening to the discussion, and I love the fast paced mental work that goes into processing student's comments, synthesizing comments for the board, formulating thoughts for how to move the discussion forward, all the while ensuring that everyone is understanding what is being said, and that all are being called upon. Such wonderful mental exercise it is being up at the front of the classroom!
In the afternoon, we wanted to finalize our plans for another weekend trip, this time to Northern Rwanda, before heading to the field for a big football (soccer) game that Chris and Jamie were going to be playing in. However, just before lunch, everything started going downhill. Jamie's back started hurting during class, so he left early and went to take some painkillers before lying down. Chris went to play basketball with a couple of students, and came back in the arms of one of them, with an extremely swollen rolled ankle. Prof. Haggerty and Alex were in a case writing workshop with members of the SFB faculty, so Kaila and I were left to play doctor. Thankfully both Chris and Jamie are getting better, and have been resting lots to help the healing process!

Both boys were out of commission in terms of walking comfortably, so they both had to withdraw from the game. Chris, Kaila and I still went to the field to watch, as we had promised our friends two weeks ago that we would be there to support/play. Since everyone is very much into Premier League soccer here, the game was between supporters of Manchester United and supporters of Arsenal. There have been posters around campus for some time now advertising this game, which featured the school's top talent, as well as a number of the highly skilled faculty members. They were really excited to have two talented Canadians joining in, and all were extremely bummed that they had to sit out. It was a lovely game to watch though, with some fancy footwork and lots of enthusiastic support from the fans. Just like the last game we watched, the sun was setting behind the pitch, and up on the hill behind us, a choir was practicing for tonight's fellowship, so it was a wonderful soundtrack and landscape for the game.
After the game, our friends all invited us to the faculty restaurant for the official players' after party. We had delicious beef brochettes fresh off the grill, and spent time with some of the soccer superstars in their element. It was great fun to see them all singing their team's official songs, and playfully poking fun at the opposing team. After the food, the music was cranked up, and the four of us (Chris, Jamie, Kaila and myself) just stood there in awe. These men can move! Chris joined in hopping on his good leg for a couple dances, and some of our friends taught us some sweet dance moves, but for the most part, we were all so intimidated by how incredible they all were with their dancing, that we just watched. Kaila and I also experienced a huge ego-boost, as everyone wanted to take pictures with us, before running off and showing their friends. It was quite flattering I suppose, in a bizarre sort of way!
We left the party early as everyone was quite tuckered out from all of the injuries of the day, and we were a bit overwhelmed by the attention. We connected with the tour company and officially canceled our reservation for the weekend. We were really excited to climb the volcanoes and see the famous Gorillas and Golden Monkeys on our getaway, but there is no way the boys would be able to endure two days of hiking! Instead, it looks like we will be sticking around the house, and getting lots of work done with our research and case writing projects. I suppose the silver lining is that we will have our first sleep in since the class started… Can't wait! :)

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