Thursday, May 2, 2013

Evening adventures in Kigali

April 31, 2013 - 2am

After a long two days in transit, we were thrilled to finally be in Rwanda. The first thing we noticed were the stars… Getting off the plane we took in an absolutely STUNNING, clear view of stars, and saw constellations that we'd never before seen in Ontario.

After becoming acquainted with our living quarters, and learning that we will not have access to phones or internet until two days from now, we trekked into town with the Students' Union president, and our new friend, Regis. In town, we stopped at Nakumatt, the Rwandan version of Wal-Mart, where we picked up the essentials, including toilet paper, water bottles and mosquito nets for the place we will call home for the next few weeks. The three of us then returned to campus, where we had a delicious meal at the faculty restaurant, complete with fish, fried bananas and delicious mystery meats. Before our end-of-day debrief, Chris called us out to the balcony, to look at the incredible view and see the numerous geckos crawling on the walls. We sat on the porch for a few minutes, and it finally sank in. We are in Rwanda… We are IN AFRICA!

Of course, as we tried to get back in to the house, we realized we were locked out. Great safety feature I suppose, but it proved to be a hectic few minutes trying to open our windows, banging at the front and back door, and just panicking not so silently.

Overall, it's been a great few hours in Kigali, and we're excited to see what tomorrow will bring. Stay tuned!

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