Sunday, May 19, 2013

Physics in pink

Today we slept in again, and enjoyed some of our fresh fruits for breakfast. The boys went downtown for coffee and a hearty meal, while I started working on an extra credit that I'm taking, an online physics course. It's quite exciting actually: even though I have finished my HBA at Ivey, and will be convocating in June, I am also finishing the last few courses of my Music degree, which I was pursuing for my first two years at Western, before Ivey. To complete the music degree, I just need to take a couple of non-music electives, at my own pace. I absolutely LOVED physics in high school, and was very close to pursuing Engineering instead of Business, so I am thrilled to be learning about the subject once again!

The three boys returned in the afternoon with some house supplies from Nakumatt. Amongst them was a package of pink toilet paper, which they thought I'd enjoy. Being the only girl in the house, it's quite funny to note how much pink has been transferred into my side of the hallway since we've been here, including their pink blankets after laundry day, the pink shower flip-flops, and now the pink toilet paper! It was a very kind gesture to pretty up the otherwise ugly bathroom, but to be very honest, it's the most bizarre thing, pink toilet paper! (So much so that I'm including a picture!)
Over the course of the day, I watched four two-hour online physics lectures, and completed two sets of lecture questions as well as the first weekly quiz. It was quite draining, so in the evening when Aleena called to invite me for dinner, it was a much needed break! The boys were heading out for drinks, but other than a bunch of granola bars, cookies and mini bananas, I hadn't eaten much all day, so I joined Aleena's family for dinner. We went to an amazing Thai restaurant, before heading back to their home to play cards once again. I'm slowly getting better at Sathiyo, the game we've playing over the last two days, for which I don't know the English name of, and time just flew by! It was another lovely evening, and the entire family once again was so very kind to make sure I felt at home. I'm extremely grateful to have them here; it's so nice to have a home away from home!

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