Monday, May 6, 2013

First day jitters

We had our first day of classes today… And after a rocky start to the class, it ended up being a great success!

In the morning we all got up early to get spiffed up and make a great first impression looking the part of professors, only to remember that we hadn't turned on the hot water heater in time. Let's just say we woke up REALLY fast after getting into those showers!

The class itself opened up with a formal inauguration ceremony performed by the Rector of the University, our Liaison Professor, and the Student Program Director. After brief speeches by all, introductions of the three of us and an overwhelmingly warm welcome by the students, we kicked off today's case, based on a soccer stadium in London experiencing financial distress.

Our teaching schedule is such that we rotate leading case discussions each day, to most effectively deliver the case-based method of learning. Chris did a great job today leading the case, especially since the students were extremely apprehensive to raise their hands and contribute, and it was quite the rough start. In the end though, people started warming up to participating, and some good ideas were brought forth.

Tomorrow is my first official teaching day, and I've got an Operations' case based on a Ghanaian water purification plant's capacity problems. Although most students despise Operations back home, I'm hoping tomorrow's case will connect with the students, and that it will be a great learning experience for all! :)

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